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Do your feet need a little TLC?

Reflexology is the Chinese art of foot massage.  The Chinese believe that the base of the foot holds trigger points that align with all of the different parts of the body.  In Reflexology, we open those trigger points and activate healing.

Reflexology is not painful but very relaxing.  Feel free to tell me if I am too hard or you would like me to go to a different part.  You should never feel uncomfortable.

Reflexology can benefit people with certain medical conditions greatly.

Plantar Fasciitis:  This is a foot disorder where the tendon in the foot becomes tight.  Many people describe it as walking on razor blades.  I have special techniques for this to stretch the tendon.  Everyone of my clients that comes in with Plantar Fasciitis is helped and feels so much better.

Neuropathy:  This is a confusing disorder that is quite misunderstood.  It is a basic tingling and numbness in the foot.  50% of cases have no known cause and 50% are related to health conditions.  With my gentle techniques, many of my clients went weeks without tingling and the tingling and numbness ceased to be so severe.

Reflexology is a fascinating practice and I would love for you to experience it.

Reflexology Rates

I typically do a 30 minute session which you will be amazed at how much better your feet will feel.