Island Time Massage & Reiki

Therapeutic Massage

Ultimate in relaxation - massage!

A massage can really help destress.  Helps with overall body health.

Lisa loves getting a good massage but she also loves giving them!  Lisa graduated from massage school in 1992 so she has years of experience to help you with all of your massage needs.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones are great for relieving tension and they make the muscles more pliable.

Unlike other massage studios, Island Time Spa does not charge extra for Hot Stones.  We love incorporating Hot Stones into the massage.  It helps the muscles achieve a more pliable consistency to really help you get the knots out.

Deep Tissue

Nothing can help relieve muscle knots like a good deep tissue massage at Island Time Spa.

In all of Lisa's years of doing massage, I have never had an injury.  If you enjoy deep massage, Lisa is your gal.  She is mindful to always ask her clients for feedback during their services, so she can be sure you receive the massage you want.


Come to Stillwater, MN and try Island Time Spa for a relaxing massage.

This is a Hawaiian technique that consists of long, relaxing strokes.  You have a choice of coconut oil or an unscented massage lotion.  At Island Time Spa, we typically combine this massage with a little deep tissue for troubled areas.


Feel great and get a massage.

A Swedish massage is a general light touch massage.  We welcome feedback during the massage if you find you would prefer lighter or deeper pressure.  This massage starts with back, neck, arms, legs and feet.  Lisa enjoys spending extra time working on your feet if this is something you are comfortable with. 

Benefits of Island Time Spa

Lisa Green loves giving massage.

  • Hot Towels
  • Hot Stone
  • Essential Oils
  • Complimentary Water 
  • Easy Payment Process 
  • Easy Scheduling Process
  • Friendly
  • Trained in many Medical Issues such as Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, and Neuropathy

Massage Prices

30 Minute Massage ~ $35

A great way to try me out!

60 Minute Massage ~ $49

This is the typical massage and is a good amount of time!

90 Minute Massage ~ $75

If you need longer time for low back pain, this is it.